Find Me Amongst the Cherry Blossoms

(Acne T-shirt, h&m pleather shorts, Yankees cap, New Balance sneakers, Coat by me)
photo credits to supi :3 

Impromptu photo shoot at the cherry blossoms in Central Park after a day of landscape painting. Will be revisiting next week in a more appropriate outfit. Beware: it will be girly. 



just a quick lil' post on who's getting the Prabal Gurung for Target sweatshirt in the mail!
after 79 entries...

lucky number 13! 
and that person is...


I've already contacted you by e-mail so look out for that.

Thanks to everyone else who participated! I wish I had a sweatshirt to give to all of you! But who knows, you might just win on my next giveaway!



Blogger Award + update

I hereby declare that I win the prize for worst blogger evaaaa! woot! Seriously so honoured you guys.

I would like to thank my teachers for giving me a mount Everest worthy of assignments, especially my drawing teacher who thinks we only have her class. You're the best Professor S! I would also like to thank the internet, especially Facebook and Youtube. What would I do without you guys. Lastly, I would have never accomplished this without my own expertise at procrastination, and poor time management. So to all of you guys out there craving this award, do as I do, and one day, you too can receive this insanely coveted award. :D

In all seriousness, I will continue to try my best at being a "fashion blogger", though truthfully, I really don't consider myself one. Just a fashion design student with blogging tendencies here. :)

Here's a glimpse at what I do at school. (and trust me, this doesn't even amount to 15% of what I do)

(Wolf inspired headpiece for 3D class, 2D class cell design painting, Laboratory class palette paintings, and Central Park human carriage project)
(picture #7,8,9,10 credits to Xenia Veryano)

I'll be back soon!
(insert Terminator voice)


GIVEAWAY: Prabal Gurung for Target

win this
Prabal Gurung for Target Sweatshirt

It's been a while since my last giveaway, but I'm finally hosting another one to celebrate my very own birthday! Yes, yes, I am finally 21. (or should I say already 21? #quarterlifecrisis)

I hesitated to give this baby away since I wanted it so much that I stayed up until 4am to be able to snatch it online. However, giving is so much more satisfying than receiving so I will be giving this Prabal Gurung for Target sweatshirt away to one lucky reader! The size is a small, and it's been sold out everywhere for a while. 

To enter:
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2. Comment below with your e-mail 

For additional entries:
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Unfortunately, this giveaway is once again only open to the US and Canada.

Giveaway ends on April 10th, 12am EDT.

good luck to everyone! :)



( shirt: vintage, jacket: zara, overcoat: my design and creation, shoes: steve madden, scarf: ysl )

Finally another outfit post despite my colossal fatigue.. demonstrated here with puffy eyes and a lifeless gaze. :) These pictures were taken when I had to make a visit to MoMa for a school assignment, and stumbled upon this beautiful garden area. How could I not take some pictures?

Once again, I'm wearing black on black on black. It's my winter armor. I've recently made this oversized overcoat (haha) out of only the most amazing fabric ever known to man: neoprene. Words cannot describe how obsessed I am about it. It's too bad the pictures don't translate how awesome this overcoat is in real life, will try to make another outfit post with it! (One where I don't look like a pregnant lady because of my bag... but i just got used to the convenience of wearing my super stuffed cross-body bag in front you know?) 

ps. There are rumours of GFC getting shut down, so don't forget to follow this blog on Bloglovin!
pps. I will be hosting a giveaway this weekend so don't forget to visit again :)